Montreal Student Chapter

Canadian Biomaterials Society (CBS)

Prior Board Members-2016 to 2017

Eric HabibEric Habib – President

I received my B.Sc. in Biochemistry from McGill university, and followed with my Master’s degree in chemistry, performing drug design and enzymology studies. I am currently doing my Ph.D. under Prof. Julian Zhu at Université de Montréal, working on natural product-based dental composites.

My objective as president of the chapter is to host at least two events per semester, combining research seminars that expose the research of local groups, but also encourage student-professor interactions, and ideally interactions with members of industry. Come to our seminars and let us know what topics interest you!

Vahid Noohi – VP ExternalVahid Noohi

My name is Vahid & I am the current Vice-President of external affairs. I am a master student at McGill university. Amongst diverse group of fields that mechanical engineering has to offer, I find design and manufacturing fascinating. I have always been passionate about pursuing my graduate studies in bioengineering. During my Undergraduate years I had the opportunity to study composite materials in great details. The nature of this experience has been very important in defining my Master’s project in the field of bioengineering. The main goal of my research project is to introduce singular micro chitosan fibers into the glycol-chitosan hydrogel matrix in order to facilitate cell mobility and migration. This scaffold will be used for treatment of vocal cords’ scars.

Neda Latifi – VP InternalNeda

Hello everyone, my name is Neda Latifi and I am currently the Vice President of Internal affairs at our chapter. I am a PhD candidate of Mechanical Engineering at McGill University. My interests lie in tissue engineering and mechanobiology specially bioreactor technology and biomaterial development and optimization. I joined CBS Montreal Student Chapter as an associate member one year ago. I have been actively involved in planning and organizing CBS events and workshops in Montreal since then. I have also had the chance to be a chief volunteer in charge of planning the student activity corner for the World Biomaterials Congress (WBC2016) in Montreal. Considering my active involvement in the chapter over the past year and our successful experience for the WBC2016 student activities, I feel ready, experienced and interested in getting more involved as the Vice-President Internal of our chapter for 2016. I look forward to collaborating with other members of our chapter to plan interesting events in Montreal and encourage Montreal students to the interesting field of biomaterials.

Ophélie Gourgas – Conference RepresentativeOphelie

I comes from Montpellier, a city in the South of France. In 2012, I received a B. Sc. degree in Chemistry from the University of Lyon in France. Then, I graduated in Drug Sciences, specialization ‘Analytical Development and Biopharmaceutics’, at the University of Lyon in 2014. During this time, I did an internship at the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Montreal. My thesis project was ‘the embedding of chitosan-based nanogels in macrogels for the controlled release of active substances for the local treatment of defective cartilage’. In January 2015, I joined Prof. Cerruti’s group as a PhD student in the McGill University. My research is focused on the understanding of the effect of elastin on blood vessel mineralization and the interactions between elastin and a biomineralization inhibitor, the matrix-gla-protein (MGP).

Emily Buck – SecretaryEmily Buck

I come from the suburbs of Philadelphia and attended Drexel University in Philadelphia where I studied Materials Science and Engineering at Drexel University for both my bachelors and masters degrees. I am now a PhD student at McGill University working with Prof. Marta Cerruti on surface modification of polymeric orthopedic implants to improve their integration in the body. I’m looking forward to working with the CBS team as secretary and excited for the coming year!

MandanaMandana Tavakolian – Treasurer

Hello everyone! My name is Mandana. I’m the new treasurer of the CBS chapter in Montreal. During my undergrad and master studies, I’ve had many experiences serving in student unions. However, as a new international PhD student at McGill, it is my first experience to join a group. So, I’m so excited and wish to be a helpful and effective member for CBS student chapter. Currently, I’m in charge of the group’s financial activities and managing cost previsions for upcoming events. I earned my bachelor in chemical engineering and my masters in biomedical engineering, both from Sharif University of Technology, Iran. I started my PhD in summer 2016 at McGill. My project is on developing wood-based smart textile for biomedical applications such as wound dressing. The goal is to make antimicrobial surfaces out of natural materials (ex. wood-based cellulose) and to functionalize it with antimicrobial agents. I look forward to expanding our group and organizing interesting events.

Leili Ghazi zadeh –  IT officer and associate member


Hello everyone, my name is Leili Ghazi zadeh. I am a PhD candidate of in Biomedical Engineering/Regenerative Medicine. I gained my master degree in cell and molecular biology in Iran and regenerative medicine and technology (RMT) from the Netherlands. I was working on articular cartilage repair using microRNA for Osteoarthritis treatment from the Netherlands. I am a research scientist having background in cell and molecular biology with close to 5 years of experience in the field of cartilage tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. My interests lie in tissue engineering of soft and hard tissue. As a graduate candidate, I am currently conducting my research on “Freeze-dried chitosan-PRP injectable surgical implants for meniscus repair in vivo and in vitro”. I have recently joined CBS chapter in Montreal, and I look forward to collaborating with other members of our chapter to plan interesting events in Montreal, Canada. Feel free to contact me at